DS18B20 waterproof from ebay VS original from local retailer

Have you ever wondered what this kind of ‘cheap’ temperature sensor is worth?


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Anran AR-24NW-100-IP ONVIF with Synology Surveillance Station

3 hours trying different settings while I was right from the beginning! My mistake was not to wait enough after saving settings…

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ESP8266 5V…12V voltage regulator

I’ve just received my ESP8266 expansion IO board but the pcb didn’t embed the 3.3V regulator (as expected according to the pictures from the eBay seller) 😦

As I have plenty of 5V, 9V and 12V salvaged power supplies laying around (and not a single 3.3V), I was very interested to use them with my ESP8266 ESP-07 module…

It was not a big deal to find out the needed regulator (with compatible pinout) but, as Google was not my friend this time, the operation deserves a few lines of blogging with IC reference… 🙂 Continue reading