KNX MDT Glass Push Buttons

When looking for KNX switches for my house (under renovation) I spent a lot of time looking for THE right one.

Even if this one is not expensive (compared to other models on the market), KNX switches are not as cheaper as traditional switches and I couldn’t afford to buy all of them for testing before fitting the whole house :-).

I wanted something flexible and reliable with a great look and feel!
I read a lot and this one kept my attention, here is a small insight!

Note from 31/10/2014: Only a few days after these posts, I’ve been asked multiple times if I was “affiliated” to MDT because of the components I used. The answer is no, at least not yet 🙂 but here is my call: “Hey KNX makers, feel free to send me some of your components to test/include in my test bench :-)”

KNX_MDT_GlassButton (1)
I wanted something bigger than other common 8-buttons switches but smaller than an iPad :-).

This one is just the right size, not too small, not too big!



I also liked the fact that the label is over the ‘touch area’! The switch comes with a printable labeling film you can insert behind the glass, you can print any text/logo you want for each button!


KNX_MDT_GlassButton (11)


The button leds can be white or red with adjustable 5 levels brightness and different day & night values.
They can blink and react to button activation and/or to internal & external objects!


It even optionally embeds a temperature sensor which saves me the time & cost of a supplementary sensor in the room!

The panic function, the surrounding orientation light (also with with day & night levels) are also very useful!

I didn’t find much videos/pictures before I ordered the item, here are some of mines to give you a better idea:



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