ETS 5 tips

Here are a few tips I noticed while discovering ETS.
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KNX MDT Glass Push Buttons

When looking for KNX switches for my house (under renovation) I spent a lot of time looking for THE right one.

Even if this one is not expensive (compared to other models on the market), KNX switches are not as cheaper as traditional switches and I couldn’t afford to buy all of them for testing before fitting the whole house :-).

I wanted something flexible and reliable with a great look and feel!
I read a lot and this one kept my attention, here is a small insight!
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How I recovered my parents’ house alarm installer code or “security is not always where you would expect…”

I’m not sure I can ‘disclose’ the alarm system manufacturer’s name but they sell their products all over the world (according to their website), by the way I can see them everywhere I go 🙂

A few months ago I decided to open the burglar alarm control panel at my parents’ house.

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