KNX test bench part 3: scenes

Note from 31/10/2014: Only a few days after these posts, I’ve been asked multiple times if I was “affiliated” to MDT because of the components I used. The answer is no, at least not yet 🙂 but here is my call: “Hey KNX makers, feel free to send me some of your components to test/include in my test bench :-)”


Almost the same as part 2 + scenes and global ON/OFF on different buttons.

  • Button 1 toggles green light.
  • Button 2 runs scene 1 (all lights on but light 1 – green).
  • Button 3 toggles orange light.
  • Button 4 runs scene 2 (all lights on but light 2 – orange).
  • Button 5 toggles red light.
  • Button 6 runs scene 3 (all lights on but light 3 – red).
  • Button 7 turns all lights ON.
  • Button 8 turns all lights OFF.


  • Bus power supply [MDT STV-640.01]
  • Switch Actuator [MDT AKS-2016.02]
  • Glass Push Button [MDT BE-GTT8W.01]
  • Push Button [MDT BE-TA55P8.01] (optional)
  • IP Interface [Siemens N148/22 5WG1148-1AB22]

ETS 5 project screenshots

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