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Anran AR-24NW-100-IP ONVIF with Synology Surveillance Station

3 hours trying different settings while I was right from the beginning! My mistake was not to wait enough after saving settings…

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Sricam with Synology Surveillance Station

I’ve just received my Sricam AP001 camera and while I’m very happy with the embedded web server and the Android application, it took me a while to make it working with Synology Surveillance Station (version 6.3). Continue reading

How I recovered my parents’ house alarm installer code or “security is not always where you would expect…”

I’m not sure I can ‘disclose’ the alarm system manufacturer’s name but they sell their products all over the world (according to their website), by the way I can see them everywhere I go 🙂

A few months ago I decided to open the burglar alarm control panel at my parents’ house.

I then see that, once again, security is not where I would expect 🙂 Continue reading