ETS 5 tips

Here are a few tips I noticed while discovering ETS.
I use ETS 5 but they may be valid for other versions.

READ flag

Only one read flag can be set in a group address (GA).
You have to mind this each time you link a device to a group address (e.g., switch) because read flag is often set by default when importing device from manufacturers’ catalog…

For example, if you link multiple switches to the same light in a group address, the read flag of the switches should be disabled and only the read flag of the actuator state object should be set.

Multiple read flags set in the same group address would (will) lead to erratic behaviors when reading the state (e.g., after device reset, when retrieving the state from supervision).

Please note that ETS 5 doesn’t seem to warn of multiple read flags set.
Hopefully, this will be an improvement in a further version.

Bus monitor & Windows firewall

If you don’t see anything when using the ETS bus monitor functionality, try to disable you firewall (Windows integrated one and/or from your third-party protection software). It’s even better to add only an exception for the ETS software.

Highlight Changes button

You already know about this button if you have followed KNX eCampus (
It shows the settings you’ve modified compared to the default ones and it’s very helpful!



2 thoughts on “ETS 5 tips

  1. Yaehob Post author

    I didn’t do anything special. I’ve even used it without changing its configuration till a few weeks ago when I defined a fixed ip address…



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