SLE4442 Bus Pirate GUI

After playing a lot with PuTTY & Bus Pirate to write/modify some SLE4442 smart cards, I decided to make a simple Graphical User Interface to make my life easier!

This simple .NET app will help you to read/write a SLE4442 card and change PSC code easily.


Please, find below information about the hardware that I used:
Bus Pirate v3.b
Firmware v6.1 r1676 Bootloader v4.4

/!\ Please note that any other firmware returning different format (e.g. different menu, modes, …) will NOT work (but if you understand the source code it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to adapt it).

See connections pinout in this other post.


Here are the executable file and the full source code (Visual Studio Express 2013 but should be easily usable with Mono under Linux).

Useful/interesting links about SLE4442


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